The Inuit

Home land/location

The Inuit did live near the artic's.The Inuit homeland did stretch to the northeastern tip of Russia and north canada and they also live in parts of greenland. More than likely they were eskimo in inuit language inuk means one Inuit. Inuk also means person in the Inuit language the Inuit did spread eastward.


The landform of the inuit was the coldest and harshest regions of the world which included northern tip of siberia,bering sea,and the coastal canadian included north coast and islands.the island was called midnight sun did last a few days around june/21st.


The inuit were go hunting to the ocean get some food.The Inuit eat fish and polar bear.


jobs/& hobbies

They hunted for the days so they would have food througth the week.when they would be done with the food they would make the intestines into waterproofcoats and they wouldnt waste any part of food they felt it was a crime to waste and it wouldnt please there group.



the inuit did have shelter called igloos tupiqs and Alaskan sodhouses they also had smoke holes. It was there all year housesand half of it was underground a tupiq was like a tentit was made of wood poles and animal fur and sealskin.and the fur was raped around the use house.



The Inuit are hunting society to the land and enviorment. And was a reflected in thier religion. They did traditionnaly believe in godthey thought it was important for them to find thiere religion.



The Inuit makes the warmest clothing in the world.

The Inuit are the only one who live in igloos.

The igloos were made by the Inuit who live in artic.