The Inca People!!!!

The Inca people were found in 1000 B.C.
The Inca Empire was centered around the Andes highland city of Cuzco,which is in Peru.
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The Climate/Landform
The Incas climate was usually hot and sometimes dry.The land form were the Incas live was the Andes Mountains.
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The Inca lived on mountain Machu Pichu. In the Incan launguage,Quechna, their empire was known as "Tawantinsuyu".
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The foods they ate were vegetables and meats(Such as cuy,llamas,vicunas,fishes).They drank 3% alcohol. The Incas got their food by planting crops, hunted, and fished.
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The Incas jobs were farming wool and other material from animals, gardening, hunting, sewing, selling, and making clothes. They also made beautiful art!
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The Incas lived in farm like housing spaces. They were called "huasi" pronounced "WA-see".
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Daily life
The Incas daily life was farming, trading, and fishing. Also some were artist and poets (a important part of Incas culture.)
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The Inca religion allowed conquered cultures to incorporate their own religion and beliefs. The Incan empire controlled most of the western coast of Peru, but were mainly centered around Peru. The Incas worshiped a big group of nature gods and goddesses. The most important were, Inti (sun god), Viracocha (creator), Illapa (weather/thunder god), Pachamama (earth goddess), Mamacocha (sea goddess), and Mamaquilla (moon goddess). Inti was known as the highest god. The Incas believed that the members of the royal family were direct descendants of first emperor. The emperor always married his sister as his official wife, therefore his heir was a pure-blood descendent of Inti and ruled with divine authority. Viracocha was a culture hero for the Incas.
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Inca culture was formed from the evolution of various Andean cultures that can be traced back up to 20,000 years ago. There are a few groups that are foundations for the Inca empire.The Peruvian archaeologist has been testing bones and ceramics with carbon-14 for many years, trying to put together the puzel of the Inca tribe past. The 750 A.D. was a terible time in the Inca tribe history.
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Interesting Facts
  • It is told to be that Incas eat other people (a.k.a cannibalism)
  • An Inca temple could harbor altars for one good or for many gods.
  • The Inca people named the mountain Machu Pichu!
  • The Incan people called there mailmen "Road Runners"
Inca Pictures

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