The word Algonquin comes from a French word.The Algonquin group had alot of people in their village.They had over 60,000 people in their village.Their tribe was Native American.To get food they separate into groups called Hunting Parties.The location in their homes was in Eastern Canada in Quebec.They also lived in parts of Michagan and in New York.They also lived in Ontario.
The Algonquin people lived in cold weather. Their normal weather was about 30 degrees fahrenheit.Their are no mountains in Quebec. There is only hills.
For their jobs they farmed and builded. They built homes and they farmed crops.Like corn and maize.But they were not really farming people.They liked hunting as their hobbies.They hunted deer and moose.They hunted alot of deer and moose.
They also ate the deer and the moose.they also ate buffalo and mostly wild animals in the forest.They also ate the food that they planted.Like the maize and the corn.
The type of homes they lived in were called long houses.The houses were like a long log that every family lived in.They made their whole city out of oak trees that they cut down to build their city and thier homes.
Here is an example of a picture of their art:algonquin_art.jpg This is a carving on a tree done by a Algonquin person.Their farming they farmed corn and carrots. external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSTwhr3wtPavMbAIinCp0b-HU2vCVPXE8qNOpd2v16D9tD3WMptPg

  • They invented dream catchers to carture bad dreams in a net.
  • They made pottery like baskets.
  • They built a dam to keep floods from thier villiage.
  • The Algonquin tribw went to war with the Mohican and the Algonquin won in 1678 it started in 1974.
  • They spoke French and English.
  • They are still around today.
  • The tribes was the strongest theifs.
  • They ate corn berries,animals,fish,and meat.
  • Weapons were bow and arrows,spears,and knives.
  • They made traps to kill animals and enemies.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTxcxSP3uOhnoeLPu85nSU8JjvjLDmSQs0IDhNu_fjFma5iErF1th01IMNERw