Teach me how to jerk and How to douggie


californai Swag distric and VS audio push.

This family friendly even is expected to be packed with crowds of music loving trendsetting. Fashion sawy fully wierd social networking youth and young adults . Along with the live dj. music performances contest and entertianment there will also be informational booths , and clothing jewery vendors and an abundance of food choices with the best of LA's goument food trunks serving an enternational array of tastes.


Radio has been on fire with a hit that has everybody bouncing and really wondering how to get thier douggie on and four fellas are highly responsible for this act .m bourne c smooth the general yung and jay-are have come togetherto form the hiphop groupcalifornia swag district (csd)and have instantly coined a hit with thier debut single teach me how to douggi the songs hypnotic drum beat and catchy high schoolish hook has the club scene &radio world going bannannas over the new wave of music.


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