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The Hohokam tribe lived in present-day south-central Arizona from about A.D 300 until about 1400 A.D.
The name Hohokam means "those who have gone" in the language of the O'odham,

They called the Hohokam the"The Vanished Ones".

Temperatures can soar well over 100' F in the day and drop below freezing at night.

The Hohokam turned to farming to provide naturally.

To water their fields,they used irrigation.The sources of their water were the Gila and Salt rivers.The Hohokam built dams and canals to transport water to their fields

more than150 miles. Hohokam canals have been located .Some have even been repaired and they have been used.

The Hohokam's largest village is called Snaketown today it was made up of about 100 pithouses .


Marginal relationship to mesoamerica.


There jobs of the hohokam is farming.
The hobbbies are building pithouses,and eching.


There cropes had beans,mazie,and squash.
They also had tabaco.


There where drought and floods and it was very hot.


The houses they lived are pithouses, in snaketown.
Pit houses were houses underground with logs on top.
They built these houses becuase it was very hot and the underground was cooler.

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pit house


Their artifacts are etching,pottery,and paintings.

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They had horses,buffalos,and coyotes.
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