´╗┐Aztecs The Aztecs were a different culture because they had sacrifice. Sacrifice is when you are killed for a good reason there reason was there belief because they believed in a god that would give them something that is worth there culture so they pleased the god of sacrifice. What would happen is the person that was willing to be sacrificed would be held by four people and one person that would be the person who kills the person willing to be sacrificed, the first two would hold both arms and the other two would hold the legs then the fifth person would be holding a knife and stab the person in the chest.
3.jpgFOOD:The Aztecs had a rule that Chocolate would only be given to warriors also chocolate was a drink. What they ate was Dog,Birds,Fruit,Vegetables,Spices,and Flowers.

CLOTHES:There clothing was made out of beautiful fabric.They also had a law that if you wear cotton they would be put to death.

AZTEC Sports:The Aztecs played a game that you needed a rubber ball, the game was called tilacti.The way to play this game was with your hips,knees,and elbows.

AZTEC RELIGION:The Aztecs religion is the Mesoamerica had human elements of sacrifice in connection.

AZTEC MEDICINE:They had herbal remedies to cure illnesses.

The Aztecs today:Today the Aztecs are not doing sacrifice anymore they are like normal citizens doing work and doing what we do best
but they still practice there dances.

Music and Dance:Children between the ages of 12 and 15 dance,sing,and play musical instruments.

The end of the Aztecs:The Aztecs influenced different areas of there country to give them help for there spirit,they were scared that they will not have enough food for there tribe mostly for the children
they need it most.There are many factors that are caused,the fall of the Aztec empire.We may wonder how history would have been different if not for the fall of the Aztec empire.

aztec-mayan-map.jpgHere's the map of the Aztecs and Mayans the Green is the Mayans zone,the peach is the Aztec zone.

product_image_full_4043.jpgThese are the weapons the Aztecs used in war.