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The Iroquis original homeland was up state New York between the Adirondack mountains and Niagra falls. They gained control of NorthEastern United States and Eastern Canada.The Iroquois climate was warm in the summer and extremely cold in the winter.In the summer it tends to be in the 70's and in the winter it tends to be in the 10's.The children had to make there own clothing they also planted there own crops and cooked for everybody. The Iroquis honored land,people,and animals.They ate wildnuts,fruit,vegetables,eggs,meat,and they invented maple syrup.They made long houses to live in.The Iroquois daily life was that they built lots of interesting things like houses and they went hunting.The Iroquis believed in a great spirit and they believed thta it guided them.They played a game called scared bowl.Another name for Iroquis haudenosaunee people.external image iroquois-six-nation-map.jpg
The Iroqouis population was about 20,000 for all five tribes.But a war cut thare population in half. The languges of all the tribes were almost the same but not identical.Thare agraculcher was introdused in the 14th centery.They traded with the French.There diets were corn,beans,and squash.The Iroqouis were farmers.They had a great law that said that Iroqouis could not kill each other.There were 6 Iroquis tribes.During spiring they fished.They believed that evil spirits caused illneses.Most of the Iroqouis used deer skin for cloths.Tattoes were coman for both genders.They had 6 differant festivals every year.Women held a powerful position in the tribes.When the Iroqouis hunted they traveled 50 miles every day.