About the Anasazi Indians
About the Anasazi Indians
The Anasazi were american indian tribe.The anasazi culture lived in the southwestern united state.The anasazi abandoned there vilage in the late 13th centry and early 14th centry. The anasazi are known for their architecture. In about A.D. 750 they

built pueblo, structure of stone or adobe bricks. The anasazi were excellent farmers who could grow enough to feed the many people
of the peublo.the region of the anasazi is divided into three periods ,pueblo 1,pueexternal image 250px-Mesaverde_cliffpalace_20030914.752.jpgblo 2,pueblo 3,and it lasted until the mid-13 century.

The facts
The anasazi were hunter and gathers as well practacing limitted farming.
They were extensive tool users,mano and the metate to grind corn and make
flour. It was cut into a food resembling a tortilla or indian fry bread. They
use atlatls and spears for most
hunting .An atlatl is a wooden device into which a spear
set for throwing.

  • They make vasses
  • hunting for food
  • They created beutifull potery,jewerly
  • They created pots
  • They created peublo bonitos